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CoverMe™ Travel Insurance for Students
Who Can Apply

Who Can Apply?

CoverMe Travel insurance for Students is for full-time or post-doctoral students under the age of 40, attending a recognized institute of learning, who are:

  • international students studying in Canada;
  • Canadian students studying abroad; or
  • Canadian students studying in Canada but outside their principal province of residence;

The dependant(s) and/or the spouse () named on the application and residing with a covered student are also covered under this insurance.

To be eligible for coverage, you must be:

  • a full-time student with proof of admission or enrolment in a recognized institute of learning; or
  • a student completing post-doctoral research in a recognized institute of learning.

You must also meet some basic medical requirements. You are eligible for coverage if:

  • You are not travelling contrary to medical advice;
  • You do not require kidney dialysis;
  • You have not used home oxygen anytime during the twelve (12) months prior to the date of application;
  • You have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than two (2) years to live.

Please note that anyone you wish to include under Family Coverage must also meet these eligibility requirements.

Coverage between semesters:

If you stay at your destination between semesters, you can re-apply for coverage as long as you have proof of enrolment in the following semester.

Note: To be eligible, any Canadian student must be covered under a Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan. It is your responsibility to ensure continued coverage under the government health insurance plan of your province/territory of permanent residence.